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"oh, i get it. what you really mean is "please bet the shit out of me, kanji"

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meme sunday

☢Headcanons - Send a word and the mun will write our a response of how it relates to their character.
☢Truth or Dare - We all know how this one works, don’t just overrun it with dares! There’s a truth part to it y’know!
☢Ask My Character/Mun - Ask the character anything, they are even allowed to break the fourth wall. Even send questions to the mun, this can help to know them better!
☢Drabbles -Give the muse a prompt and they may write a short drabble on it.
☢Diapers- What dreams do you have for your child?
☢Baby Food- Do you feel you’re a good parent?
☢Toys- Do you think you’d rather have a baby here or in your homeland?
☢Bib- What trait do you cherish most in your baby?
☢Cradle- In what ways does your baby resemble you?
☢Pajamas- What were your first words as a child?
☢Bottle- Free Question

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despairing muses

Little Senpai grew up to be a handsome little tot. Already he’s outgrown the clothes Kanji sewed for him, so he had to make him another set. With the way Senpai behaved, the delinquent found it more and more difficult not to openly fawn over his artificial baby. Playful, friendly, always seeking attention from papa Tatsumi…

So fucking cute.

"Hey, Senpai." Kanji called to his rambunctious little man. The child, respondant, looked over with bright eyes. The delinquent held a small plush doll in his hands.

"See this? What’s this?"

No answer came from the toddler, just a desire to cuddle it. Kanji won’t let him take the doll until what he wanted to do was done.

"Come on, kid. I know ya got this. What’s this?"

There was still no answer. Okay, maybe he doesn’t got this.

"It’s a bunny, Senpai! Come on, say it with me. Bunny." Leaning over, Kanji was careful in enunciating his word. “Bunnnnnnnnny.”

Senpai, though struggling, tried hard to repeat after his papa. “Bwu~…nny.”

Close enough. Awarding his tot with the rabbit (Senpai clung to it happily), Kanji beamed.

"That’s my little man!"

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Still needs a name for his kid.

"… Sen……..pai……… Senpai. Yeah, that sounds cool." Fucking incredible.

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By now, his little man is rocking a cute pair of onesies. Onesies that Kanji sewed himself. He’s not wasting coins on shit he could make himself. Chills in his room with the little man, bouncing him on his leg. Hopefully no one comes in anytime soon.


One thing’s for sure, he could easily sew his little man a cute little outfit. No need to go to the monobear store and uselessly spend coins when you can be resourceful!

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trying 2 get kanji muse back.

Holy shit. It’s a fucking baby.

Kanji couldn’t remember the last time he’s set foot outside of his dorm. The most he’s done so far is, well, twiddle his thumbs and practice sewing things. Just recently, he was given an automated baby to take care off. No. No way. Kanji hasn’t the slightest clue how to raise a kid!

"Sh—" Nope. Can’t cuss in front of an infant. “Crud… Hey, little guy, you alright in there?” Cautiously unraveling his new bundle of joy, the delinquent drew in a deep breath.

Oh god. 


This is gonna be interesting. Well, a man always has to be prepared for the worst, and boy is this a bad situation for someone with minimal paternal skills. He really has to get out of this room to buy some baby stuff. With that in mind, and the bundle of manly joy in his manly arms, Kanji departs his dormitory. 

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Nope, don’t worry Kanji. He’s been here for several hours already, since early morning. If a teacher hasn’t shown up by now, he doubts one will appear in the next few seconds. Nonetheless, the ravenette raised his gaze over to the newcomer, surveying him silently for a moment.


There was no reason he could find to speak, because his answer could be relayed in action. So letting his eyes dart around the room, like maybe there was an invisible third-party, he finally gave a shake of his head before returning to looking at the blackboard. Even if this guy decided to leave, Red would most likely remain. His will wasn’t broken easily.

Dang son you’re diligent. Kanji wouldn’t wait so long for a teacher to come in, even in a normal school. Several hours is way too long. He would’ve long left the classroom by then.

Kanji followed the other student’s gaze. Yep, no one else here. “Seriously? This is a school, where are the damn teachers?

"How long have you been sittin’ here, anyways?"

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in the end.mp3



Didn’t they come to a school to learn? Why is no one in class, and instead roaming the halls? Obviously, the concept of school is overriding the other new one of not having school in a school and so forth to the point where it’s confusing enough that he’s just going to sit down.

If you need him, he’s just going to be sitting in one of the classrooms on the lower floors, staring at the blackboard.

And here comes Kanji with the same thought. It’s a school, right? There has to be classes. Mutual killing or not, you can’t really call Hope’s Peak a school if there aren’t any teachers. He arrived (assuming)  tardy, and the delinquent felt relieved that the teacher wasn’t here. Which is weird. Because he’s late. Oh look someone else is here. Kanji trails over to his desk.

"Uh, hey. Did a teacher come by or somethin’? Didn’t see anyone who fit the bill yet."